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WebsterAccounts is a professional online accounting service.

WebsterAccounts is a professional online accounting service provided be websters a tax legal and accounting firm with Head Office in Cambridge. We provide the professional service you want from an accountant but our web-based accounting software gives greater efficiency to keep your costs to a sensible level. Being in business is difficult but our unique approach allows you to keep in control of your financial position to give you the best chance of success.

Online accounting is integral to the way we do business - and has been for over a decade.

Key benefits

Save time
Save money
Manage better
Take financial control

We offer you a flexible service so you decide whether you want us to do more of the accounting - or whether you want to minimise the costs by doing more yourself. Our team includes accountants, a lawyer and is led by a former Inspector of Taxes.

We also sell the online software to other firms of accountants as part of our interlinkt suite

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